Sunday, August 29, 2010

Here We Go

This should be an interesting week. Tomorrow we all go to the dentist, the next day we're meeting friends for brunch and then...Wednesday: school starts.  I am SO looking forward to a return to schedule.  It's not like I think suddenly my life will be that much easier, but there is a comfort in the "usual".  I get up in the morning, take the kids to school, have a little time to myself, take the dog for a walk, clean the house, do laundry, grocery shopping, whatever, pick the kids up, deal with the homework, make dinner, yadda yadda...
I know in a few weeks I will be tired of the same ol' same ol', but for now...I need it.  I need a sense of control, no matter how minuscule. So here we go...on a voyage to the "same ol'." Let's see what happens.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So Cal WIMP and Proud of it

As I watch the final days of summer do their usual turbo fly-by, it feels a little strange. After spending the last two months in a perpetual "June Gloom" that lasted well into August, the sun has decided to make an appearance. Of course it's making up for lost time by pushing the temperatures up to 90 degrees or more.  Last weekend my husband and I were in Palm Springs, and the thermometer was topping 113. Yikes.  I am an admitted Southern California Wimp (yes, capital W). I am just not happy when it's too hot or too cold, and my definitions of "too hot" and "too cold" are ridiculously mild.  75-80 is good. I like an occasional rain storm, as long as I don't have to drive anywhere.  Snow is nice to visit, but the idea of having to get up and shovel a path to my car, or spend 30 minutes thawing the car and scraping off the ice is beyond my comprehension.  Likewise, living day after day in 100 plus temps would definitely not be happening for me either.  Sorry, East-Coasters, but as far as I'm concerned "seasons" are over-rated. 

So there it is. I am what I am, a proud but wimpy California Girl.
What can I say? Try not to be jealous.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Looking out...

I've always had a fondness for this time of year.  To me, it's a time for new beginnings and the return of schedule.  The kids are getting ready to go back to school. Daily activies start to move along in a steady groove. The summer's shrapnel gets cleaned up and put away until next year.  Of course, right around the corner the holidays are lurking, lying in wait and ready to pounce on whatever peace I may briefly establish.  But for now...I look forward to those quiet moments...when I'm the only one home and for awhile, my universe is calm.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The August Snowball

Remember when I said I was going to make the most of what was left of the summer? Well, I really did what I wanted to do. I called friends, made dates to get together, and even planned a day at the beach with the kids. What was I thinking? So much for relaxing, haha.  We have, what? Three weeks left? I've been travelling along, barely moving for two months. Now suddenly, I have the momentum of an avalanche.  I'm going to be running around like a crazy woman (wait, that's nothing new) trying to get all these activities in.  The funny thing is, that when school starts and I'm back to being alone with my little dog, then what?  I'll tell you. Exhausted from the descent, and still half buried by snow, I'll drag myself up and out, and take the kids to school. Then, with what little energy I have left, I'll get up and undo the disaster left behind, with a shovel and a spray bottle of Febreeze.  (The boys room...oh, you have no idea.) 

Really, can't wait. (There's a reason my dog's name is Whiskey.)

So here I go.  Almost time to throw that first snowball.....

Monday, August 9, 2010


I've started this blog post 3 times now and I just can't seem to think of anything interesting to write.  I know what you're never stopped you before, Caren. Yeah, yeah, you all think you are SO funny.  Seriously though, sometimes I look at my past posts and think...I am so...full of it. OMG I can't imagine what people think when they read this garbage! Then again, who's to say? Quoting the Grinch: - "One man's garbage is another man's potpourri."

So today I have tons to do. Hopefully once I get some stuff done - the stuff I have to do, that will open up time for the things I want to do.  One can hope.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summertime's a wastin'....

It really doesn't seem fair. Here it is, already August, and once again the summer has flown away like a paper picnic table cloth on a windy day.  I feel like I need to cram as much in as I can into these few final moments before September comes and we all get back into the normal grind of life.  The good news about that, is that it has pushed me to call a few neglected friends, and set actual times to get together. (Imagine that!) No more "hey, we really need to get together..." and then it never happens.  I get out my date book before I dial the phone.  Now I just have to apply that same gung-ho-ness to my writing. 

Earlier this week I sent out some poems to a magazine, and my usual MO would be to sigh and feel that now, I can relax. But NO...I need to get on a roll, slather it with butter and keep on going!  I need to set goals and KEEP them!  Easier said than done of course, but I do have one foot out the door.  Now it's a matter of pushing that door open enough to get through, and being brave enough to venture out.  That....or retreat back into the house.  Nah, I'm gonna' go for it.  Wish me a safe journey, friends....

photo by William Salas