Sunday, October 10, 2010

Slow down!

Today we celebrated my youngest child's 11th birthday. How did this happen? My "baby" cannot be 11! Next year she starts middle school. Wasn't it only yesterday I cradled her in my arms?  It truly does not seem fair that my body is slowing down so much and yet time seems to be zipping along at the speed of light.  Granted, there is that little detail about me having a chronic medical condition, but still!  I'm way too young to feel this freaking OLD!  I hate when people mention those quaint cliches like "you're only as old as you feel," because I feel ancient. How about we change that to: "you are as young as you wish you were!" Yeah, that's the ticket. I know, right? I can try and feel young, I can wish I were young, but my body tells me otherwise. Whatcha' gonna' do? There's only one option I'm afraid, and I'm going with it: straight out denial.
Works for me.