Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just when you think...

You know how when doctors tell you to take a test and they say "I'm sure it'll be nothing..." and you believe them?  Inside you know that, obviously, once in a while it's not "nothing",  it's "something".  You always assume however, that the "something" will be on someone else's test results...not yours, and not someone that you care about.   Still it happens. Life sucks that way sometimes. It's hard but we get through it, one way or another.  Everyone gets through it in different ways: we grieve, we shout, we cry, we laugh, we blame...and in the end, nothing changes except us.  We still have to go through the pain, make the decisions, live past the difficult times.  My mom used to say "This too, shall pass." I hope she's right.

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