Monday, June 28, 2010

The Hard Part...

With our house finally "finished" and graduations and birthdays complete, the sun seems to be setting on "the hard part", and (hopefully) what will happen now is a more relaxing summer.  I'm trying to be optimistic.  In truth, there is still much to be done along the lines of unpacking and reorganizing, to say nothing of the Black Hole which still needs to be explored, and conquered. 

Still, I find myself shedding my usual cynicism regarding at least the near future. Instead of feeling like my life is a constant merry-go-round of routine and drudgery, I have hopes that this summer, things will be better.  At least that's how I feel today, in this moment, and considering that's all I can know, I'm going with it. 

Wish me luck. Maybe the hard part really is over.

Photo by William Salas

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