Friday, June 18, 2010


I feel sometimes like I spend so much of my time waiting. I know I'm should "live in the moment" and all, but the "moment", at the moment - kinda' sucks.  I suppose if I could wake up in the morning and feel great, it would be easier to be optimistic.  I can try and enjoy the good times here and there, but a part of me is always thinking that my life is going to get better any day now.  The other part of me is saying "yeah, right, keep dreamin' honey."  I set markers:  When this gets done, things will be better. When the weather gets better, things will improve. When pigs fly...

Feeling a little melancholy today. (Can you tell?)  I should be excited. My furniture is finally coming. My house is almost done. However the amount of work I have to do in the next 24 hours is sure to take it's toll on my already weakened body.  And nobody around here seems to care. Apparently, I'm Super-Woman and I'm indestructible.  I've got news, folks...

Sometimes MS is called an invisible disease, because it's not obvious to others that you're struggling. The pain is not always something people can everyone assumes you're fine.  If I complain, I'm not taken seriously, or I'm faking, or being "dramatic". What has to happen before anyone realizes I'm hurting?

Well, enough about that. Gotta' get get...boom boom pow, and all that.

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