Saturday, March 26, 2011

April is coming...

Well, my plan to get on here and write every day turned out to be a bust.  I have been writing more lately, I just don't always get on the computer and type it up. I suppose I should get into the habit, since next month is National Poetry Month, and I really want to keep up with my poem-a-day challenge this time. Last year I did pretty well until Spring Break. It wasn't entirely my fault. We were on vacation and I didn't really have internet access all the time, so I wasn't able to get the prompts. (I know, excuses excuses.) This year I'm facing it with determination. Not only am I going to keep up, I am going to submit other stuff I'm writing - dang it - if it kills me. At this point, it might (just kidding of course). Well friends, wish me luck. April is only a few days away. Better get my imagination warmed up and ready to work!

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