Friday, February 25, 2011


Today the previously little known, favorite pet chicken of the famous ancient Egyptian Pharaoh "Neva-hrd-Uvom", was ushered into the after-life. Chik-ho-Tep as he was fondly referred to, was carefully preserved and mummified by the pharaoh's faithful, yet somewhat demented young priestess, Jan-A-unKhamun.  Although previous to his journey into death, Neva did consume most of his beloved beaked friend, he did save the chicken's right leg for future preservation. Salted, wrapped, oiled and perfumed, Chik-ho-Tep was tenderly placed into his own miniature sarcophagus. He will be displayed briefly along with the remains of several others of his kind, before being set in his final resting place.  Jan-A-unKhamun's mother expressed relief that the process was over, since the mummification was performed in her kitchen and was beginning to aroma.  Jan-A hopes the High Priestess will be pleased and give her an A.

Social studies projects! Oy!

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